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Four Hands, Two Hearts - Four Handed Massage

Four handed massage is a uniquely beautiful and pleasurable experience of receiving the warm, tender and devotional touch of four hands; whilst also being held in the conscious presence and care of two loving hearts. 

This divinely sensual and deeply relaxing massage uses a variety of synchronized moves, which creates a beautiful and flowing intuitive dance of connection and touch between you and the two practitioners themselves. Detailed moves and strokes of varying paces and pressures are used to create a unforgettable experience, whilst opening the body to an abundance of pleasure, relaxation, surrender and healing.

Four Handed Massage: Services
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Sensual Touch Four Handed Massage

Incorporating Tantric honouring rituals, intimacy practices and touch, these divinely luxurious and sacred sessions are co-created together based on your needs, desires and intentions for your experience. 

At Divine Devotion we offer two types of four handed massage and holding experiences for you to choose from; 

'The Shakti-Shakti Experience' 

This is where you receive your massage from two highly skilled and deeply devotional Shakti's (females). 

This combination of holding can be very sensual, nurturing, honouring, comforting and/or a highly pleasurable experience for both men and women to receive.  

'The Shiva and Shakti Experience' 

This is where you receive your massage, honouring and devotion from Shakti and Shiva (male). 

This holding can be very energetically and emotionally supportive and balancing due to the conscious and deep feminine and masculine presence this experience offers. It can also be very sensual, pleasurable and healing, especially if you are experiencing or working with internal and/or external feminine and masculine challenges, wounding and/or desires/needs. 

This session is also offered to both men and women. 

For a lot of men, the thought of another mans touch can feel slightly edgy and even taboo. However, there is something really wonderful and often healing to receive the holding and support of an understanding and compassionate brother.

As can be said the same for women receiving the 'Shakti-Shakti' experience from two understanding and supportive sisters.  

The Second Practitioner:

All second practitioners are Tantra massaged trained and are all trusted and dear soul sisters and brothers of Lisa's. They also work professionally for themselves, and hold numerous other relevant professional qualifications and experiences they bring to their holding.  

These sessions do not include genital specific massage.  

Session Duration: 2.5 hours 

Cost: £280 (£100 per hour thereafter)

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