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Divinely Devotional Offerings

'A deeply sensual, intimate and sacred journey back to yourself....'

Authentic Tantra massage is a sacred path to awakening and realigning our body, sexuality, heart, mind and spirit to become one. This is in contrast to our often shared and lived reality of one working in conflict with another/others

In my very humble opinion, to experience and expand our natural 'life force' energy, also known as Jing, Prana, Kundalini, life force or sexual energy, is our birthright! This natural, powerful and sacred energy is our vitality and creative juice, and we are just not taught about this in our western culture. Neither are we taught how to cultivate or positively use it to enhance our life and happiness, which is what the Chinese and other Eastern cultures have been aware of and doing for 1000's of years.  

Once you start to create and cultivate it and it rises to your heart, you will just want to love the world! Once you have raised it to your third eye, you then become aware of the world! And once you raise it beyond you, you become one with the world!

So don't say I didn't warn you! 

I kindly request all new clients receive the initiation of the 'Awakenings Massage' before requesting the Honouring the Divine Feminine or Masculine devotional massage offerings. 

White Butterfly

Awakenings Massage

'The Initiation' - awakening and opening the body to your natural life force.'

This is a beautiful introduction and initiation into the deeply healing, transforming, intimate, pleasurable and sacred experience of Tantra massage. Honouring, connecting and calling home your body, sexuality, heart, mind and soul as one. 

These sessions do not include genital specific massage.  

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes 

Cost: £250 

Image by Cameron Ahlvers

Sensual Sensory Surrender

'Exploring & discovering sensual surrender through all of your senses'

Be delighted, excited and even possibly ignited as you discover the pure pleasure and joy of your senses. Experiencing deep surrender, whilst also coming alive, as you are taken on a delightfully delicious sensual journey of discovery through touch, taste, smell and sound. These sessions are offered blindfolded, to heighten your other senses...are you desiring to surrender?  

These sessions do not include genital specific massage.  

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes 

Cost: £250 

Image by sanjoy saha

Honouring the Divine Feminine

'Awaken the Goddess within'

Do you wish to be totally honoured, held and received in all your feminine essence? To experience, connect with and celebrate your sacred feminine body and discover the deep healing, pleasure and joy to be found within? In these sessions we welcome and slowly navigate any past trauma or blocks that may arise to you fully opening to an abundance of pleasure, connection and intimacy with yourself.  

These sessions can include breast or Yoni (genital) massage.  

Duration: 3 hours 

Cost: £350 

Image by Conscious Design

Honouring the Divine Masculine

'Deeply honouring the God within you'

Do you have a deep desire to be fully received, honoured and celebrated as a man? To discover and learn new ways to experience sensual, erotic and intimate pleasure and bliss, without the expectations of end goals or of giving back. Just opening as fully as you can to receive and be held. Sounds too good to be true? This is what being treated like a God feels like! 

These sessions can include Lingam (genital) or anal massage. 

Duration: 3 hours 

Cost: £350

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Tantra Massage Offerings: Testimonials

"Lisa is the real deal. She welcomed me into a beautiful loving, space with deep care and beautifully clear boundaries, and from start to finish made every aspect of me feel deeply accepted and honoured.

In particular, the way she responded to the parts of me I usually keep hidden - welcoming what was authentic with uncomplicated strength and love - was deeply healing, and allowed me to release a whole load of stuckness and shame. The whole experience was sacred, both powerful and calming - I cannot recommend her enough".

David (Shiva/Male) 

Awakenings Massage

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