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It is such a beautiful honour for me to work with and guide sisters in sacred sexuality. 

I offer a safe and sacred space for you to be deeply held, to surrender to receiving tenderness, presence, touch and understanding in a way that you may have never experienced before. 

Often us women don't really know our own bodies and what gives us our greatest pleasure in terms of our sexuality. I know I didn't, and we are certainly not taught this stuff. And so we often just receive what we are given by our partners, who also have never likely been taught anything either. And so what happens is we have never really known or asked for our desires/needs. This can often  extend outside the bedroom to! 

Historically, women's sexuality and our sexual desires and pleasure have been so repressed. That it is no surprise we are so detached from our bodies, sexual and intimate pleasure and knowing what we love, want and need. 

And here is where I would love to take a journey with you.

To guide you on your journey of discovery of lovingly connecting and understanding your body, femininity, sexuality, pleasure, heart, mind and soul. All of you, in your mess, perfection, darkness and light. ALL of you is welcomed, whole and beautiful...just as you are. 

Here is how I can work with you, but not limited to...

* Creating a welcoming, safe and fun space to have open and honest conversations about sexuality and pleasure. 

* A space to explore and experience deep connection, heart felt intimacy and tenderness with yourself as a fully embodied beautiful women. 

* Support, loving understanding and guidance around body image and self love/care. 

* Being fully celebrated and honoured as a divine Goddess in your full feminine expression.

* Working with Divine Feminine archetypes to help you explore, celebrate and integrate different aspects and essences of being a fully embodied women.  

* Understanding sexual energy and arousal and the how it arises in women and in men. 

* Learning how to fully receive and be held, when often women are the givers in life. This can be a biggy!    

* Cultivating the skills of compassion, communication and active listening towards yourself and others. 

* Exploring and understanding your own unique preferences and desires. 

* Exploring boundaries and consent, finding your "yes" and "no" and also embracing and welcoming those from another.  

* Relaxing into presence of what is arising in the body and the moment, an being with what is. 

...and so much more. Please get in touch if you would to discuss how we could work together. 

Working with Women/Shaktis : About

Recent Testimonials


“Lisa’s sacred space and holding, allowed me just to be and release, which is definitely what I was needing from a strong, loving, beautiful Goddess. I needed the Goddess/Mother/Feminine embrace, caressing and deep connection, which Lisa gave me. 

If all women could have what Lisa gave to me, it would be such an honour and beautiful deep spiritual connection for true love and sisterhood.” 

Working with Women/Shaktis : Testimonials
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