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About You - Shivas

It is such a deep honour to work with and guide men in sacred sexuality. I warmly welcome men who are genuinely looking to explore and expand their understanding of your own sexuality through intimacy, connection and pleasure.

Here is how I can work with you, but not limited to...

* Creating a welcoming, safe and fun space to have open and honest conversations about your sexuality and desires. 

* A space to experience deep connection, heart felt intimacy and tenderness with another. 

* Being fully welcomed, celebrated and honoured as a divine being in your full masculinity. 

* Understanding sexual energy and arousal and how it arises in men and in women. 

* Learning how to fully surrender and receive, when often there is a lot of pressure on men 'to perform and/or initiate'. 

* Space to fully and deeply receive sensual and tender touch, to be held, caressed and cuddled. 

* Cultivating the skills of compassion, communication and active listening. 

* Exploring and understanding your own unique preferences and desires. 

* Discovering and understanding sensuality and intimacy from the view point of a women. 

* Exploring boundaries and consent, finding your "yes" and "no" and also embracing and welcoming those from another.  

* Understanding, support and guidance for the many men who experience erectile dysfunction.  

* Relaxing into presence of what is alive in the body and the moment, and being with what is. 

* Understanding and learning Tantric and Taoist practices and sensual massage skills to share with another. 

...and so much more. Please get in touch if you would to discuss how we could work together. 

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