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Where are you based?

I am based about 20 minutes between Bath and Bristol, with easy access from the M4 and M5 motorways. Here I have a beautiful and sacred space for holding sessions.

When do you offer sessions?

I only offer one session a day, Monday to Friday usually starting at 10am. 

I do not offer same day appointments, and can occasionally accommodate weekend sessions. 

What happens during a session? 

At the start of every session there will always be time and space for us to check in together and to discuss our boundaries and consent for the session. 

At the end of every session, there will always be time for integration and a sharing space before leaving. I will also follow up by email after each session to see how you are.   

What can I expect from my first session?

To be lovingly guided and held throughout our time together on your first and every session. 

You can expect a welcoming, warm and supportive space for you to explore and discover safely, consciously and all at your own pace. 

I feel really nervous, shy or scared, is that normal? 

Nervous, excitement, shame, fear, anticipation, arousal and many more emotions are all totally normal to feel.  

Many different emotions may arise before, during and after your session, so please know that ALL of you is welcome and it is more than OK to come just as you are. 

How should I prepare for my session/s?

As you would expect to for any massage session really. Ensuring you are showered and clean before the session, and arriving promptly on time. 

You may also wish to consider your intention for the session/s, as this is always a lovely place for us to start from. 

Is there nudity involved?

Tantra Massage is invited to be received fully naked, as the touch and connection during the massage are more deeply experienced this way. I also use warm oil during the massages. However, your boundires and level of relaxation are my priority, and I will always look to meet you in your place of safety and comfort.

If it feels right for us both, I carry out the massage naked. This is offered from a place of innocence, purity and for us both to meet each other as equals in these places. 

Can I touch you?

The offerings are one way touch only, which is from me to you. 

There are few experiences in intimacy where you can just fully receive, with no expectations or pressure to give back in return. One way touch supports you to fully surrender into receiving.

In addition for men, there is an expectation of being the initiator and giver, so it is often a unique experience in itself to not have these expectations placed on you.   ​

Will I have an orgasm/climax?

Orgasm is not the 'goal' of a Tantric massage. However, all responses of the body are welcomed in authenticy of the moment and the energy moving and arising within. 

How and when do I pay? 

Payment is made in advance when you book a session via Paypal or bank transfer. 

If you need to postpone or cancel a session, the payment will be non-refundable but can be transferred to another suitable date and session within three months.

If you need to rearrange your appointment more than once, a £50 cancellation fee will be charged each time thereafter. 

In exceptional circumstances full or partial refunds are offered at my discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
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