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About You - Couples

I truly love working with couples and often find this work to be very deep and transformational, individually and as a couple. 

If you both feel called to enter a journey of discovery together and individually, I would be deeply honoured to be your intimacy guide, coach and mentor. 

Here is how I can work with you as a couple but not limited too...

* Creating a welcoming, safe and fun space to have open and honest conversations about your individual and shared sexuality and desires. 

*A space to learn and practice Tantric and Taoist intimacy, energetic and sexual practices including sensual massage skills and Tantric rituals, all with your beloved.  

* A safe and held space to have open and honest conversation about any issues or barriers to intimacy you maybe facing in your relationship.  

* A lovingly held space to experience deep connection, heart felt intimacy and tenderness with guidance and support. 

* Being fully celebrated and honoured by yourself and the other as a divine being in your full masculinity and/or femininity. 

* Understanding and celebrating the different essences of our beings. This is where misunderstandings can arise that could lead to conflict between us. 

* Understanding sexual energy and arousal and how it arises in men and in women. 

* Learning how to fully give and receive to and from another, whilst being held in total presence. 

* Cultivating the skills of compassion, communication and active listening towards yourself and each other. 

* Exploring and understanding both your own unique preferences and desires and how you can navigate and explore them as a couple. 

* Exploring boundaries and consent, finding your "yes" and "no" and also embracing and welcoming those from your partner.  

* Relaxing into presence of what is arising in the body and the moment, and just being with what is. No expectations or goals.  

* Understanding and learning Tantric and Taoist practices and sensual massage skills to practice and share together. 

...and so much more.

Please also see the couples 'Intimacy Coaching' page for more information. And please do get in touch if you would to discuss further how we could all work together. 

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