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Intimacy Coaching

'Connecting you back to yourself and love...'

Foggy Waters

Couples Intimacy Coaching

Couples intimacy coaching can be a beautiful way to discover how to connect or re-connect more deeply with yourself and your beloved. 

These sessions can cover but are not limited to, the following: 

* Barriers to intimacy and connection. 

* Understanding and learning the importance of holding space for the other, to become deeply present and to be seen and heard in love.  

* Understanding the difference between feminine and masculine qualities, needs and desires. 

* Learning and practicing conscious communication skills together. 

* Discovering and exploring new ways of intimacy through Tantric and Taoist practices . so much more

Please also see 'working with couples' for more information. 

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: £180 (online), £210 (in person) 


Individual Intimacy Coaching

Individual intimacy coaching is a beautiful way for you to explore and discover on a deeply personal level, any blocks or barriers you may have to being intimate with yourself (and another) and fully embodied in your sexuality, pleasure and desires. 

These are tailored sessions to you. 

Please also see the 'working with 'Shiva' and 'Shakti' pages for more information about what could be explored in these sessions. 

Duration: 2 hours per session 

Cost: £150 (online) £180 (in person)

Intimacy Coaching : Services
Intimacy Coaching : Testimonials

"I have mixed feelings when I reflect back on our intimacy sessions with Lisa. I have had lots of coaching and mentoring sessions which I love and am always eager to explore my own core beliefs and see how I tick. Doing this with my partner present with the focus on the dynamics and interactions as a couple was a whole new experience. It asks for complete vulnerability and trust. 


Lisa held a beautiful, sacred, safe, loving space for us to begin sharing any barriers we felt we had to intimacy with each other. This is the part that felt hard for me, but because we were guided on how to speak, to fully listen and engage with each other from the heart,  while always honoring our own sovereignty. I experienced the most deep healing of myself and the energy between us as a couple. The yummy time spent in easy, simple tantric practices always sent us home with a renewed perspective on our relationship and our connection as beings of light connected on a soul level. 


Lisa embodies the sacred masculine and feminine and knows just how to bring it forth in herself and therefore in the couples she works with in sacred union."


Feminine's perspective of Couples Intimacy Coaching

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