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Learning for your Lover...

Learn and discover the deeply sensual and sacred art of Tantra Massage and Honouring Rituals

Learning for your Lover: Services

Do you yearn to be able to connect with your beloved more deeply? To be able to give or receive the type of touch, intimacy and pleasure you have longed for? 

One of the most beautiful and intimate gifts your can offer your beloved (and yourself) is how to be fully present and honour each other as the sacred and divine beings you are.  

Tantra massage is a beautiful way to do this, as well as helping to deepen the intimacy and physical, emotional and sexual connection between you. 

What to Expect:

Our time together is held in a intimate, light hearted and enjoyable way. The day is spacious and relaxed, with everything you need provided, including sarongs, massage oil, refreshments and a yummy home cooked vegetarian lunch. 

The recommended suggestion for full enjoyment and experience of giving and receiving, is for one of you to learn to give the massage, whilst the other can fully let go and delight in a day of fully receiving.  

During our time together you will be guided to learn: 

- to give a sensual Tantric Massage to the whole body 

- Understanding Feminine & Masculine Pathways of Arousal   

- Conscious Types of Touch 

- Activating Breathing Technique

- Body Honouring Ritual

- And the three keys to awakening sexual energy.   ​

Learning and experiencing how to offer an intimate and sensual Tantric massage, is the divine gift you take home to practice for yourself and your beloved from our time together.

These sessions do not include learning genital specific massage, although genitals are included. 

Session Duration: 6 hours, including 1 hour for lunch (provided) 10am - 4pm 

Cost: £595 

Please note: This is not a professional practitioner training session. If you would like to learn Tantra Massage professionally, please get in touch to discuss.

Learning for your Lover: Testimonials

JH - Shakti 

“I approached Lisa because I feel she really embodies her practice and radiates a beautiful feminine conscious energy. I wanted to learn more about tantric massage in a practical setting, as a sensual experience and to also get to know myself better. Lisa structured and held the session so well. The room was warm and Lisa chose the shiva model really well, which made me feel comfortable. 

The techniques and slowness Lisa shared really resonated with me. The day did bring up some stuff emotionally, as tantra goes much deeper than just massage.

A day together was a beautiful luxury and felt a good amount of time for some of the approaches to seep into my muscle memory and consciousness. Lisa made sure she went at my pace at all times and checked in with me throughout. Felt like a delicious treat on a rainy Sunday.”

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