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Sacred Sexuality Sessions

'You're sexual. You're soulful. You're emotional. You're spiritual. You're magic. You're both the light and the dark. You're human. Don't deny any aspects of who you are. A healthy soul, is a whole soul'.


'The Invitation'....

As the words 'Sacred Sexuality' and 'Tantra' are becoming ever more popular and mainstream in the West. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a blindfolded minefield trying to navigate the right path for you. 

Everything from kundalini meditation and yoga, through to multi orgasmic experiences being offered. It can feel overwhelming at times to know which way to turn and how to find people, places and spaces that are authentic, grounded, sacred, supportive, sincere and most importantly safe.  

From beginner to the more advanced, these held and guided Sacred Sexuality Sessions are uniquely co-created together based on your needs, experience and intentions for your journey in exploring your sexuality and spirituality. 

Incorporating traditional Taoist and Tantric Sacred Arts of: 

- Honouring Rituals

- Meditations

- Yoga

- Qi Gong 

- Energy and Breath Work

- Embodied Intimacy Practices

Unifying your body and breath, heart and mind, sex and spirit, feminine and masculine, the form and the formless.

The meeting and embracing places of the aliveness of life (Shakti/Yin/Human) and the sacredness of spirit (Shiva/Yang/Soul), uniting in grace, harmony, balance and oneness.

Here we can consciously meet with with love, honour and compassionate curiosity, whatever is authentically arising and moving within. 

All whilst upholding the highest standards of boundaries and consent, and being lovingly supported in the holding of psychotherapeutic counselling and trauma awareness, training and knowledge. 

Session Duration: 2.5 hours 

Cost: £250 

Sacred Sexuality Sessions: Services
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